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luca digrigoli – who you are lyrics



(spoken): “cool cool!”

[verse 1]

tried to write a song about you and i laughed
lyrics were so dumb, i sang the words way too fast
i’d turn to conversations’n moments
desperate to find a phrase
trynna write exactly the way that i feel
for me it gets so hard when all the lyrics are real
i’ve spent way too long afraid of being wrong

[pre+chorus 1]

but i put something together, just one phrase think i got right
and i can’t hold it back forever, so i think

[chorus 1]

think i might
share these words
that describe to me, ‘scribe to me, ‘scribe to me, who you are to me
you’re beautiful my love, you’re everything to me
oh, original, imaginative and free, that’s who you are to me
woah, who+a woah
that’s who you are (you are)

[verse 2]

there’s somethin’ that’s amazing every time that you smile
breaking your own rules, just truly feel for a while
the way you twirl your hair, giggle and stare, when you’re nervous sends me somewhere else
and if there’s ever somethin’ that’cha got on your mind
i know that i can truly trust you to tell
oh that honesty, means the world to me, oh+woah

[pre+chorus 2]

and i’ve merged all these thoughts together now
blending things i’ve thought and said
trynna put a word to a feelin’ that can
only exist in your head

[chorus 2]

lost for words
heart rate rise
that’s something that i’ve always felt, that’s who you are in my mind
races fast
thought, please last
there’s something indescribable, that’s who you are to me
woah, who+a woah
that’s who you are
oh, oh, oh


oh, oh
oh, oh
that’s who you are to me