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lul foureign – broken hearts lyrics


expectations lead to broken hearts
yeah, i said expectations lead to stunting f+ck
expectations lead to broken hearts play yo’ part
what the f+ck you doing?
man you need to push yo’ cart
you got groceries in yo’ basket
what the f+ck you start for?
you ain’t even finish boa you gon’ get caught hoe
in that rain, in that storm
it get cold
it ain’t warm
but it get hot
when it ain’t cold
you better know to play yo’ role
10 toes to the f+cking concrete
to the f+cking ground b+tch
to the f+cking ground doe
better be a savage
better be a sеrvant
boa you better be both hoе

better play yo’ role bro
better play that role hoe
they don’t like when i be talking the way that i talk
oh well, better chalk it up outline it with some chalk
dead, and it’s in yo’ head better get it right better twist yo’ dreads
or yo locs, which either role you play
but at night time it isn’t day
but at day time it isn’t dark
boy you better finish what you start
ready, set, mark go
4th down 6 more
we don’t need that extra point
we gon’ take that w
we gon’ take that extra 2
cause we going for extra points
and you know we rolling weed, but it’s always in a joint
no more backwoods for me i can’t smoke them no more
that tobacco f+ck up my throat
i don’t need to deal with that doe
i don’t need to deal with that stuff
honest man it be too much
i don’t deal with such and such
i don’t deal with what the f+ck
is you saying to me right now?
lil boy you better pipe down
fore’ i up and squeeze that pipe now
then i bet it make you pipe down
but it’s gon’ get piped up first cause it’s hot out the barrel
and i ain’t f+cking with no crabs in no barrel
monkey in the barrel monkey in the middle
she keep tryna touch me that p+ssy hot like griddles
i ain’t talking donald’s f+ck a mickey d’s doe
i don’t eat no hash browns man let me get three tho’
i like apple pies, she my apple pie, she my prized possession she my prized prize
she my prize eh
she ain’t even no possession thats my queen i’m talking stuff
that’s my queen that’s my goddess that’s my world
but i promise i don’t need her i’m just solid on my curls
curled toes, curled feet
talking out that curled beak
i’ma hit it, tape it up
keep on talking that stupid stuff
expectations lead to broken hearts
expectations lead to broken hea+hear+hearts
expectations lead to broken hearts
expectations lead to broken hearts

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