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m1onthebeat & booter bee – royal navy lyrics


m1onthebeat, m1onthebeat
grah bow
grah pow

[verse 1]
i don’t know how the paigons chat
i know deep down they rate me (bow bow)
i went to war like the royal navy
better run when that cars approaching
beat off the mash till my hand gets lazy
swing, ching knife crime been going up lately
2 got dropped now they’re stuck in the sky
bdg, that’s f+block baby
you know we love making mothers cry
when i get bored someone gets shot
catch man live on the other side
i turned opp there into dumping ground
catch me an opp in dumping minе

[verse 2]
i gotta hold it firm
protect your head when i lеt mine slap
these lugar 9s will ruin your perm
i been shooting man in the face
in my age group i done that first
man better know what it is
i done up most of my paigons way by for i done up a verse
how much man did a&e, way over 10
nino’s hand got chopped off clean, somebody give him a hand to lend
can’t chat about burners more than 30 racks been spent
i heard that they miss their bros
if i stuff this pole you can meet your friends
you can meet your death, trying to slide on us
you can’t 10 toes in ends they know how i ripped up ++++
don’t get done like k and get put in a early grave
better advise them school kids, don’t act bad or try get brave
[verse 3]
i put waps all over my block it ain’t nothing to load them up
run up on me is he smoking grub
had to show hazey what my pokey does
run man down non stop
i don’t know how he gives verbal he definitely lost the plot gang had his wifey giving us slop
f+ck that i ain’t tryna go jail
neckshot knifings, i doubt that judge is gonna give man bail
they try drill at me and they failed, they knew that was a big mistake (but why?)
within 30 minutes their boss got slapped with a shotgun sh+ll
it was me that raised that crime rate
homicide squad at my door, because an opp got slapped in the face on a friday
if the paigons slide to my place i’m sliding instant
2 rambos matching or i’m backseat 2 shotguns twining

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