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maddøxxx – icky vicky lyrics


[intro: maddøxxx]
heh, hahaha
leave that boy right where he standin’, get my plan
got to j+pan just to pop a f+ckin’ xan
understand, yeah, do you understand?
yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1: maddøxxx and ohsmithhh]
i won’t even lie, i need my money up
walk in to the trap, told em’ “fill my cup”
said it on my wrist, i don’t give a f+ck
icky misses vicky, she say “yeah, whats up”
think i lost my mind it goin’ round and round
big band shawty, [?] need my sound
yo pack ain’t sound like much, my pack is really loud
i just want some money, b+tch, f+ck the clout
range rover suv, we skrt around
i don’t listen to that boy, man, he such a clown
we some real dogs you can find us in the pound
ha, ha
ima bite up on yo b+tch, i’m a real hound
ha, ha

[verse 2: ohsmithhh]
man, i’m geekin’ off that perc’, i’m going round for round
hittin’ yo sh+t, you won’t see me, i won’t makе a sound
high as f+ck, in the foreign, smokin’ out the pound
and this gas, it ain’t public, yеah, we be smokin’ loud
i dropped 10, made yo b+tch proud
heard you switchin’ on the gang, f+ck is that about?
pull up talkin’ amg, f+ck it gle
i got b+tches all on me, push to start don’t need no key
f+ck you mean?, this sh+t ain’t we
gang sticked up, not talkin’ trees
i put b+tches in lv, triple s all on my feet
had that sh+t down in a week, now i’m all up on my peak
got yo b+tch in my backseat, can’t be doin’ sh+t for free
nine up all up on my chest, she like “ohsmithhh, you the best”
can’t f+ck with her, she a mess
1k fit, ask how i dress
send the shots, i told em’ “yes”
i swear that b+tch is so obsessed

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