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magister dixit – crawl for me lyrics


feel like were born on the battlefield
time to rest hasn’t come yet
the enemy is still the same…
from generations to generations

the weapon your holding
had killed thousands of them
and still hungry for more
the war has not begun
the weapon your holding
belongs to your father longtime ago

the enemy will crawl
the strongest walls will fall

feel like past lives of war
just coming as experience
in these chaotic veins of yours

swords of the fathers. crawl for me
the most sharpen of blades
the most willing to do (…your temptations)
a long series of proud warriors
that’s where your coming from
…and some powers… mystical
stuffed in your hands

the red in your eyes isn’t irritation
this is a great day for fight
a family of warman
under the sign of the black sky
crawl for me