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maqrius obztakol – no tomorrow lyrics


no tomorrow


“tomorrow is a result of how we live today
so, if we don’t prepare today then there’ll be no tomorrow
it’s how it is man, yeah…”

[verse 1]:

cannibal grave sites swallow caskets
meat returns to the earth’s womb
bones house a colony of maggots
souls escape the clutches of cold tombs
mother’s heart’s become art galleries
where pixelated memories of their lost children
hang in a crooked frame of mind
society weeps from burning scars
ravaging the corridors of her fallopian tubes
endless abortions ruined her ovaries
decapitated infants make headline news
death certificates granting birth rights
scribbling obituaries with the blood
from cut umbilical cords
itchy palms with purse thirsty blades
pounce upon the sweat of your brow
social robots programmed to speak
only when allowed
ballot papers are consent forms for them
to raid the cobwebs in our empty pockets
our leaders rule by the rules of anarchy
ripping the stitches that weave together
the moral fabric of our humanity


ain’t no tomorrow
(ain’t no tomorrow)
today’s time is borrowed
(today’s time is borrowed)
watch who you follow
(watch who you follow)
life can leave you hollow
ain’t no tomorrow
ain’t no tomorrow
(ain’t no tomorrow)
watch who you follow
(watch who you follow)

[verse 2]:

shallow minds in deep thought use tithes
to bribe christ past the pearly gates
our ears feast on echoes of scripture
but our souls rumble from hunger aches
the hands of demonic priests
mould churches into brothels
defiling the inner thighs of the sly youth
sharp nosed shoes walk the path of truth
blinding our feet with shiny suites
then we follow suit suited in ignorance
searching for heaven in fleshly ways
radio endorses cavemen who rock clubs
with prehistoric constant nonsense
pavements are catwalks where sister’s
role model the latest trends of nudity
credit cards swipe feelings to buy love
bank accounts full of empty promises
forget college’s avenue professor’s
graduate from street philosophies
ready to teach those without cl-ss


“maqrius obztakol, yeah…”