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mcmil – the picture lyrics


[verse 1]
when i snap a picture
please don’t envy
i’m hiding the pain
but when i’m on the mic
this my mind
please do not judge

it seems the void can’t be filled
i got the things that i dreamt of last year
still not happy than i thought i would be
sometimes i go to bed and hope i never wake
then i wake with this girl, that i find hard to trust
but i do string along, coz we hate being alone
it’s our little escape

if we all gonna die anyway
would you rather die young and let your lyrics live? (maybe)
she want love from me, well that’s dangerous (why)

well because
those i would die for bring a monster outta me
those i could k!ll for bring emotions outta me
that is when i’m a little bit dangerous
you better off with the heartless me
tryna not forget what sane feel like
sober feel like
man i feel like
i’m surrounded with people who love me but really don’t know me
that’s the ‘lonely’ in ‘must be lonely’
paint on the canvas, how many feel me
how many feel me huh

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