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meg bussert – this place is mine lyrics


where does the time fly?
simply too few hours in the day
oh, a diva’s work is never done
no release, no time for fun
not if a diva has to run
an opera company

every small detail to supervise
every pretty face to scrutinize
i plan beneath these eyes
this opera company

why take on this arduous ch-r-?
sleepless nights
i pace across my bedroom floor
why do i live completely for
this opera company?

’cause it’s
mine from the stalls
to the portraits on the wall
from the balconies and loges far and near
it belongs all to me
every item that you see
from the cellars to the crystal chandelier

from the floating marble grand facade
to the elevated promenade
from every toilet bowl
to every leading role
this place is mine

i will sing, i will glow
i will never let it go
i will hold it ever captive in my hand
like a god, like a queen
i will enter every scene
and control it like the kingdom i command

and i pity any baritone
who attempts to tread the stage i own
with no polite request
he’s here at my behest
’cause it’s all mine

my curtain and my canopy
my song, my key, my chart
my grand romantic destiny
from here my life will start

i’ll be out on the stage
looking great and half my age
every chance i get
i’ll get them on their feet

i will burn, i will scheme
i will realize my dream
for if i’m not in the light
i’m incomplete

and the best part i’m just coming to
how they’ll all applaud for you know who
i can’t believe i’m here
and this is my career

it must be
seen like a torch
we’ll engrave it on the porch
like an edict, like a beacon, like a sign
this place is mine!