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messy marv – i run this bitch lyrics


[messy marv]
click clack gang! watz haeniiiin!
yea da real ccg n-gg- watz haeniin?
ya boy boy young mess!

[lil wayne – hook]
i run this b-tch
and ima keep running
ima keep running running
never running out of money!

[4x after vs.1]

[messy marv – vs.1]

i run this b-tch
18 fo a brick
mayne these broke -ss n-gg-z aint talkin bout sh-t
hunnid birdz round my neck and my arm erryday
n-gg- sellin dis dope ridin round wit a “k”
(huh..wat dat n-gg- say?)
ridin round wit a “k”
b-tch life aint nothin but sellin dis yay
half a byrd fo da “9” 4 fo da “quota”
bet a m-th-f-ckin n-gg- wont get no showda
if i throw a n-gg- somethin better come rite bacc
i’ll beat da blood out a n-gg- runnin of witta pack
all i do iz smoke kush and buy h-lla coogi
f-ck bad b-tches mayne and be off dat baloogi
ima m-th- f-ckin chef dont n-body cook fo me
n-gg-z know where im at dont n-body look fo me
ima goon n-gg- aint n-body eva took from me
conversation cost money
wayne do da hook fo me!

[messy marv – vs.2]
i run this b-tch
i dont need a contract
i aint gotta pull a mase
i dont need to come bacc
bout dem square -ss n-gg-z
i dont f-ck wit all dat
tell dem boogi -ss hoez i only f-ck wit hoodrats (adlib: watz haenin?)
mayne i where alot of ice
and talk behind da clip
and turn h-lla cornerz
wit da neck in a b-tch
hated by many
but im alwayz felt
ill park and slap a n-gg- wit my ed hardy belt
ima cook dis c-ke ima sell dis dope
ima jump out on da corner
mayne and give these n-gg-z hope
all dat whomp whomp whomp whomp
will give these n-gg-z smoke
and yo charlie brown talkin -ss tied wit a rope
i got byrdz fo da low
ima let a n-gg- know
if i [sound effect: prh prh]
mayne errybody gotta go
ima click clack n-gg- do i give a f-ck no
datz wen i peel da skin off his -ss
and lil wayne spoke