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mynamemanuelll – cant stop (feat. shark puppet) lyrics


manny go hard and im gettin that money
i look at your girl now she callin me honey
stop, is something funny
hop on the track n i feel like a bunny

aye im over here look like im running
hop on the track you dunno what is coming
look at my diamonds they lookin so sunny
playin my song and i bet you be humming

they wanna hate on manny but they music is so wack aye
im tryna pull up 40k just so i flex a stack aye
you talkin up on me but you know no one got your back
im ballin on the little boys im feelin like im shaq aye

manny go hard, manny dont stop
manny the goat and i say at the top
i look the the gucci i might go cop
you dissin on me but ur music a flop

im gettin bread you cannot stop it
i took off just like a rocket
make a song i get my profit
got a new whip so i lock it
call me luke cuz im your father
i been busy so dont bother

all o yall hatin but yall be my fans
i be so hot that i turn on a fan
i will go leave her if that girl is trans
she want my money i dont hold her hand

im getting bred, listen to the words i said
haters be hating but they be in bed

stop, i be so hot ima pop
makin my money dont think i could stop

shark puppet:
it cannot stop
pull up in the drop
i air this place out
your musics a flop
it cannot end
my money won’t bend
pull up in the benz
i’m sippin on cheese
i hit you with the stick
make you wheeze
i get to the green
got the pees
i smoke on the gas
yeah the trees
i’m in the ocean
on the jetskis
pull up on boats
monclair coats
expensive fits
we chillin at the rits
i take your hoe to the motel 6
smokin on sticky and toting them bl!cks
just did a photo shoot takin them fl!cks
when i’m with your girl we watch netflix
and chill
we won’t pop on no pill
we don’t pay no bills
i’m chillin in the hills
yeah yeah!
manny f+nny made it happen
on the boat and im the captain
got the strap right in my matress