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nehro tariq – out of misery lyrics


[intro – nehro tariq]
nehro tariq and el bandito, demented mercenaries, inner circle
anno domini, scarebeatz on this one… let’s do it, come on!

[verse 1: nehro tariq]
feeling technical to use a pen and paper
pedal to the metal, i don’t lose to a racer… blade!
when i abuse these haters… great
scr-pe jealousy off my license plate

high jacked your girl, yes, yes! it was woth it
so g*nius, couldn’t find your way up to the surface
what a d-mn shame, your circus heard this;
perfect murderers motherf-cking word smith

when i be looking back, i see an empty highway
niggras can’t keep up, niggra this is childs play
i dont choose the words, they choose what i say
dark like the magic, polluting entire landscapes

i’m the k!lla clown, harvey dent, and two face
when i be looking around, all i see is new drakes
f-cking fruit cakes, if you want it come and get it
yeah i said it, i’m the same caliber that the nuke blaze

[hook – el bandito & tariq]
we ’bout to turn up the speakers when we comin’ with the real
and we heard that you suckas wanna gun without the steel
so we burn up these mothaf-ckas crawlin’ down to kneel
as you learn we ain’t backin’ off for any emcee

’bout to turn up the speakers when we comin’ with the real
and we heard that you suckas wanna gun without the steel
so burn… in the lake of misery
and rot for eternity…

[verse 2. – el bandito]
yeah, yeah..! el bandito is checking in…

kickin’ the real, and drinkin’ my corona cold
opponents need an update just to overload
lick a d-ck f’in’ f-gs tryna flow toe to toe
with the almighty el bandito, mothaf-cka i suppose…

… you grab ya dusty -ss records, tuck ’em in ya -ss cheeks
get ya -ss beat, im capable to k!ll blast beats
when i tag team, with nehro tariq
we represent demented mercenaries, here to complete…

best believe, you stackin’ dollas with monopoly paper
the f-ck you ever gone compete with industry majors?
b-tch haters… situation gone be fatal
for tryna sign sammaliz to ya corny -ss label

my sk!lls k!llmatic, matter fact i won’t rest
so i don’t take critique, from hoes that suggest…
eat ya gr-ss, hold on to ya floating vest
k!ll ya self to the beat with a rope round ya neck


[verse. 3 – nehro tariq]
ey yo, bandit listen to this…

they be tongue twisting, tryna jack then rep mines
diminished when i’m finished, tucking you in… when it’s bed time
on the next line, there will be no next time
i’m gonna break your wet spine, pull it out of your flesh.. why..?

[el bandito]
don’t expect shine, you lazy, slackin’ p-ssive
i strangle the microphone, the bl–dy murder m-ssive
i happen to slash individuals with daggers
and axes to make a mothaf-cka crawl backwards

[nehro tariq]
we scare beats harder than jupiter’s gravity…
you lost your soul when lucifer lost battling me

[el bandito]
(here to) damage your team, and put the city on the map
international connections and you know we give daps

[nehro tariq]
keeping it simple, laid back… while i be defeating them
[el bandito]
keeping it simple, pay back… we depleting ’em

[el bandito & nehro tariq]
we left you defenseless, mentally and then…
never f-ckin’ hear from you again… b-tch!

[hook 2x]