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nekromantheon – faustian rites lyrics


shrines of gaia neglected
idols swarm the stage
i sp+wned the parasite
my ravens await the plague

rapt by rapacity
feeding on golden blood
consuming devotion
patience exhumed from my lungs
restless depletion
apex saprophage
demeter dementing
silv+n+s clenched in rage

strangling the flame of prometheus
bacch+n+l of faustian rites
the glaciers’ bleeding delirium
boreas’ pyrexial might

terran leukocytes amassing
tremble before the sublime
the dragon devouring the treasure
enter the anthropophobic paradigm

a gift from the magma chambers
by deserts and beasts extolled
churning guts of molten iron
bellowing bile from below
zephyrous storming malignant
coal and contempt in the winds
the roar of concession ignites the sky
too late to atone their sin
my flesh replenished by the fire regime
the blighted bewailing their fate
qualis artifex pereo
the echoes of their ultimate scream