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nettspend – my name nett lyrics


yeah, yeah, yeah
shout out nett, b+tch, i’m f+ckin’ nett
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
all these b+tches, they be talkin’ ’bout they f+ckin’ net’

[verse 1]
i run around, ’round with my brothers in that f+ckin’ scat
and if he talkin’ on my brothers, i’ma leave him dead
so yeah, we walk around all night, yeah, we in the f+ckin’ m
so yeah, i walk around all night, i’m off the f+ckin’ sh+ts
i got a roxi’ in my hand, i’m ’bout to pop this sh+t
i said i’m walkin’ with my brothers in this f+ckin’ b+tch
walk inside the function, glock up on my f+ckin’ hip
and if he testin’ with my brothers, we gon’ leave him missin’
yeah, told him, “yeah, we gon’ leavе him missin'”
walk inside this b+tch and me and zuro in a mission
and if he talkin’ down on nеtt, i’ll f+ckin’ leave you missin’
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

yeah, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
ooh, ooh (yeah), yeah, yeah, uh

[verse 2]
all these b+tches claim they f+ckin’ nett, woah
tell these hoes that they ain’t f+ckin’ nett, yeah
i walk inside the function, got it, yeah
see the rips in my clip, i’m ready to f+ck it up
b+tch, ooh, ooh+ooh
ooh+ooh, ooh+ooh
yeah, uh, mmh+mmh
grab this vet’ and the glock, i’m ready to f+ck it up
yeah, ooh, ooh+ooh
ayy, ooh, ooh+ooh (run it back)
ooh, ooh+ooh
run it back, run it back
if he talkin’ on my brothers, i’ma leave him gone
got this glock up on my hip and then i tote it
got a glock up on my hip, juggin’ twenty+three
think you f+ckin’ with my bros? b+tch, don’t f+ck with me
yeah, and if you f+ckin’ with my brothers, you gon’ f+ck with me
yeah, oh+oh, oh+oh
me and all my brothers rackin’ up
(yeah, that sh+t probably done)
(well, i’ma come in there)

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