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nezelvv – stay / kissit lyrics



hop on a privet jet
fly away

all these f+ggot n+ggas are insane

just like meganutt give me brain

she came up too close and i
know that is stank
just like r kelly n+gga im
finna rape

just like kobe n+gga im

like the twin towers they
gon fall outta state

but unlike me n+gga im
finna stay

im sippin on wock and i
can’t even feel nun

like king von imma stay strong

unlike dead n+ggas imma stay alive

unlike juice wrld im not gon over dose

imma take a xan then im quitting those

just like ally lotti i dont stay with hoes

shoutout my fends shoutout my еx
shot in her head now she got a tappеr

this is like minecraft im finna name her

yung thug is a snitch

with a terrorist yeh we hit

just like 9/11 we finna blow

like the twin towers we getting low

like the air planes we finna crash

that is your girl
no she not

you think that she fine but she really a cop


im sippin on wock and the time movin slow

just like r kelly im not finna blow
that n+gga is pressed he put his finger on the

we know that he not hard we call him a (n+gga)

i hate all these n+ggas that think that they cool

you dying in school b+tch you are a f+ggot

you think that she fine imma take her and bag it

told that b+tch wait and she didn’t listen

of course that she didn’t she wants me to kiss it


stop being a b+tch