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noodah05 – goin down lyrics


this sh+t ain’t—
this sh+t ain’t goin’ down ’cause it—
soon as we typed it up
that you gotta run
more money, more problems and i went too far from goin’ down
i’m goin’, ooh

[verse 1]
you ain’t called my phone in a minute, how you been?
wanna make up or you gon’ listen to your friend? (what you gon’ do?)
pass me a clingy, i wanna live in your skin (f+ck)
soon as i pop this perc’, i’ma tell you that it—
hood get hot, i can come over to your spot ’cause you already know it’s been—
i can’t tell if it’s love or l+st
i’m sacred to give you my trust, trauma done f+cked me up (d+mn)
even if i was on troy street, i’d call your bluff
keep the hundreds, spend the twenties, swear i been pilin’ ’em up
hit a l!ck with a n+gga you don’t know, then he bound to cuff
if she comin’ five after twelve, then she bound to f+ck (for real)
i won’t tell if you won’t tell (no)
made a ten in one day, i’ma send her a zelle (yeah)
i been gone too long, she playin’ with her self (yeah)
same sh+t goin’ on, n0body gon’ care
they say more money, more problems, what we doin’?
i’m goin’ down, i’m goin’

[verse 2]
stay down while you can, i’ma make it worth your while (while i can)
one day i might just give you a child (i will)
one thing about them tables, they turn around (they do)
watch you become an arson and burn bridges down (d+mn)
put a brick in the hospital about out you, i hate to see you frown (d+mn)
you get mad when i leave, but i feel like you don’t want me around
pride to the side in my text messages (yeah)
i been wantin’ you every hour, it’s a s+x fetish (yeah)
i be preachin’ in my songs, i’m the next revered (yeah)
i got older, i see friends start disappearin’ (uh)
is it that or do i gotta change my appearance?
i know how we get down, so better f+ck your opinion
get rich or die tryin’, that’s the way i’m livin’
if you don’t touch no skrilla, what’s the point of you winnin’? (the biggest)

they say more money, more problems, what we doin’?
i’m goin’ down, i’m goin’

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