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nvizon – help lyrics


and i firmly believe that not a thing will come to me freely
i lay back, watch some tv, relax, and then take it easy
buried deeply beneath the struggle, release it on a cd
wipe the old slate cleanly, believe it that you can’t see me
when i put the shades on and cover my head up in a beanie
feel forced to be dirty like the opposite of greenpeace
i mean, i can never escape who i was in the past
fading fast, hoping that the new me is the one that lasts
transparent enough that i seem to be made of gl-ss
seemingly ok with the way that i shrug it off and laugh
when really i’m struggling for a simple hold or a grasp
so i rap, and pray to god that i’ll make it back
to my roots to record another track that holds my soul
every accent in my flow shows another boy trying to be grown
trying to grow up, and trying to grow old
trying to know what i will do until my times up
maybe i won’t be doing this, and that’s fine but
i want my own control and i want to feel whole
and i want to not worry about how i’m gonna roll
because possessions are not the goal so i want a piece of mind
18 years of age, taking stage, still looking for what i’ll find

i’ve learned that i’ll never be what you want me to be
but i can be everything i want to be, and that’s why i dream
nothing is stopping me but my own doubts and inhibitions
reminiscing over all the times that i should’ve listened
but i didn’t because i was too hard headed to take given
advice so i might last until the sunlight or to another time
where i can grip the mic tight and make life right and fine
tell me, if i left tonight would you remember my memory
or would it fade instantly into oblivion like chivalry
come with me, because i can’t walk alone, a home isn’t a home
when the provider can’t provide on their own
it’s time for me to become a man ahead of schedule
need to learn to take a pull when pushing doesn’t work at all
like a door with the handle broken off i’m not easy to access
lost in my mind and i haven’t made it back yet
i’ll only catch glimpses of life in this world
and at best, i’ll cry out for help but i can’t believe in myself
with every new dawn breaking, i glimpse a bit of the hand that’s dealt
to me, and i have the dead man’s hand, too dark to see
if my solution was a stones throw away, i’d still miss it
because i overlook simple details that get called dismissive

it hurts me
it hurts my soul
it hurts my heart

it hurts my soul
it hurts my heart

it hurts my soul
and it’s tearing me apart

it hurts my soul
it hurts my heart’