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oblé reed - retrovision lyrics


i done somethings that a n+gga know he never gon’ hear (that a n+gga can’t hear)
i done big things that a n+gga that he never gon’ feel (that he never can’t feel right now)
i done lost items out the benz, send them straight through here (bet he comin’ right back, comin’ right back)
n+ggas know they soul so cold, h+ll hurt, oh well (oh, well, oh, well)

i got memories i never need to tell
i got idols that’ll never meet the ground
and i got homies that the type to keep around (around, round, round)
i got something that you prolly– (don’t have)
i got something that the others don’t have, uh
i got something that your money don’t have
(i got heart, i got heart)
but i see the retrovision, i can live in retrospective
when i leave, i got my retro lineage
mp3+d, full speed, repeat, see
these are what i call my millions
won’t give to raise the whole d+mn village
and try it, ain’t no retro livin’

retro! (‘tro, tro, tro)

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