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obsequious cheeselog – if 6 was 9 lyrics


yeah, sing the song for us

[verse 1]
if the sun refused to shine
i don’t mind, i don’t mind (yeah)
if the mountains fell in the sea
let it be, it ain’t me
(alright), i got my own world to look through
and uh, i ain’t gonna copy you, yeah

[verse 2]
now if a 6 turned out to be 9
i don’t mind, i don’t mind, (well alright)
if all the hippies cut off all their hair
i don’t care, i don’t care
dig, cause i got my own world to live through
and uh, and i ain’t going to copy you

white+collared conservatives flashing down the street
pointing their plastic finger at me
they’re hoping soon, my kind will drop and die
but i’m going to wave my freak flag high, high ow!

[instrumental break 1:48+2:52]
wave on, wave on

[verse 3]
uh, ha+ha, fall mountains, just don’t fall on me
go ahead on mr. businessman, you can’t dress like me, yeah
n0body knows what i’m talking about
i’ve got my own life to live
i’m the one that’s going to have to die
when it’s time for me to die
so let me live my life the way i want to, yeah
sing on brother
play on drummer