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owen davis – sunlight / losing you lyrics


[verse 1]
falling into silence now
melancholy’s violent now
i know you’re down and i know you fell, mm
never knew when summer passed
wondered once, but never asked, just trusted you
i wanted to

crash at the ocean
i still see your face
it could k!ll me now, but it’s just a wave, so i’ll see
the morning sun again
crash at the ocean
can i see your face?
if it k!lls me now, i’ll still feel a trace of your light
my morning sun, again, again

[verse 2]
i’ll disappear on my own (you’re my sunlight)
no temper, no losing control (my sunlight)
i’ll sink into the night (you’re my sunlight)
(my sunlight)
no shame if you’re moving alone (you’re my sunlight)
still cry if therе’s no one at home, and still miss your light (my sunlight)
(you’re my sunlight)
all thе time (my sunlight)
you must be forgetting it was love
nights when we were face to face (you’re my sunlight)
you must be forgetting it was love (my sunlight)
but can we stay close?
and i will always love you for you (you’re my sunlight)
even when you’re gone (my sunlight)
will i ever take my seventh day?
there is morning in the evening of our break
the thunderstorm is quiet now
keep your heart and hide it now (whoa)

[verse 3]
the love i have for you
(it’ll never change)
even when we’re through
(even when you’re gone)
try to keep my soul alive for a moment (moment)
keep my soul alive, only long enough to see you go
going through the motions a little
k!lling any faith that i’ll see you
and feel you close again

i might be stuck in summer for a little while
but i’ll be waiting for you
call me when you’re back at school and you’re settled down

you’ve been a little quiet lately
are you ok?
say something, anything
say i f+cked up, darling, tell me what i can do
i think i’m losing you

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