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oxyoxy collective – on fit lyrics


[intro: ohsmithhh]
yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
hold up, hold up
yeah, yeah yeah

[verse 1: ohsmithhh]
f+ck the scene up, i did sh+t again
f+ck on yo b+tch, she f+ck on a 10
we talk that sh+t out like we businessmen
sick of that b+tch, so i went off to her friend
it dont take much to have all this to spend
sold him the pack, then hop out the cayenne
she wanna f+ck, shawty yeah i do not trust
f+cked up, caught on l+st
buy that sh+t, i dont even look at the cost
who he f+ck wit, he f+cked wit the boss
outside wit yo b+tch, that was a loss
drink out the bottle vs. drink out of voss
im still doin sh+t, im on the top
switch sh+t, yeah yo whole life is a flop
don’t even know you, how am i an opp?
glad that you out, man you sound like a cop

[verse 2: ohsmithhh]
f+ck what you say, eighthie all in my wood, you know i smoke on the rocks
high tolerance, so i add a 10 to a 30, tell me, who still sippin’ on wock?
f+ck on that b+tch, she made me mad so i kicked her out, had her ass go on a walk
i don’t want talk to that b+tch, yeah she f+cked me up, rather spend money on a watch
and if you f+ckin’ with twizz, expect him to leave you with crime tape, this is not no scotch
hunnid on the highway, they wasn’t f+ckin’ wit me now they all calling my music hot
im living my life fast, i go f+ck around mix ksubi with the fear of god
hop in the foreign, i ain’t even driving but we still gon’ speed that shi out of the lot
yeah, i ran up a plate for the team but i watch you still making yo family eat out the crockpot
[chorus: ohsmithhh]
she know i hit all this sh+t, i just want diamonds on wrist (diamonds on wrist)
i was all over his b+tch, i just want that hoe on fit (i want her on fit)
you f+ckin’ wit maddøxxx, get hit, pop boy like a zit (yeah)
you know that im in the new vette, i got yo b+tch on my d+ck (yeah)

[verse 3: linn]
yeah, i got yo b+tch on my d+ck
in love with this hoe, while she doing her tricks
yeah, its me and ohsmithhh in this b+tch
when our music on, you ain’t pressin’ no skips

[verse 4: linn]
hold on, switch the flow up
th+th+they doubtin’ me, cuz they think i won’t make it
f+ck it, im countin’ this paper
p+p+pull up on you, see yo chain, ima take it (ima take it)
love that hoe faith, ima break it
got yo b+tch on her knees, got her screaming yeah “yeah, daddy, please”
over you, cause my d+ck shi gon squeeze
f+ck around, put yo ass on a tee
so watch out how you speakin’ to me

[outro: linn]
i said watch out how you speakin’ to me
turn my enemies to memories
f+ck the haters man, go rest in peace
but i know they still wanna be me

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