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porcelain raft – night birds lyrics


there is a place behind your house
where i use to hide no one could find me
you would come around ‘do you mind if i stay now’
let all the words dry in the air, pick the one that would let us in
your voice will unlock the door
what is out there anyway
-you said you want to see me now
but now i just don’t want to know
i’ve been living with these feelings for so long
and i don’t need to make sense of you anymore…
take you coat and your hat
and all those insightful facts
you put a scarecrow on the moon, with a violin string you tide him on a stone
what a great surprise to know
the night birds kept coming
i send you my congratulations for dealing with the past the way you did
walking fast keeping a straight face, trying not to laugh thinking of you
-you said you want to see me now…