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post season – fracture lyrics


i’m used to grinding my teeth on tension i used to bury and suffocate, and lately i’m inconsistent, i need to lay back a bit and breathe. i know my world is changing and i’m just worried i’m losing pace. see, there’s danger in always thinking you’re not the person you ought to be

i’m terrified my efforts aren’t enough to make a wave. oh, i hope there’s something more to this. i’m terrified my bones will finally fracture from the weight. oh, i hope there’s something more to me

lately my mind is drained more than i could ever antic-p-te. you’ll find me blasting some ‘take it easy’ in hopes to drown out anxiety. i know i’m known to hurt you so i’ll stay swift with apologies. guess i’m nervous you’ve finally had it, and that you’ll pack up your sh-t and leave. this constant chaos doesn’t give me time to breathe

i know the ground is pr-ne to shake but when your life’s a total wreck you learn to balance anything. i’ve got some moves i gotta make. i only hope that at the end i won’t regret a thing