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psycho/skull kid - sacred lyrics


[part i]
take it
you got to take it
it worth it
i’m in your ears for a reason, it’s perfect
my mentality for a girl, is worth it
it’s worth it
your not worthless
friction don’t come by myself
everyday i’m always doin’ it and i don’t get at myself

[part ii]
see my vision it’s a must
i don’t kick up a fuss
i hope i’m not to much
i keep it light
not keepin’ it explicit
no fight or flight
the teas in my mug
it’s always right
i been flexin’ and all that
but i care about the bite
i care about the might
not a maybe
always an almighty
what i waited for
was with him
i’m waitin’ for him
to get to the kingdom
it’s a blessing’
i’m always doin’ it with him
that’s everyday that i’m goin’ in and gettin’

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