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r.u.i.n. – why we talk (intro) lyrics


(verse 1)
here’s to a lifetime/ of kickin’ rhymes/
from brooklyn/ to bethlehem, and back again/
i’ve put my mind, soul and heart and i packed’em in/
to this magnum opus, so i ain’t slacking kid/
y’all act dumb, no focus, so i’ll paint canvases/
of tantrums, so notice, a saint who manages/
to keep composure/ while standing in a fire/
deep/ that erodes the/ planning of desires/
we want djs who scratch p-ss the bare surface/
emcees doing more than rhyme in their verses/
graffiti bombers who dare a bigger purpose/
than them & b-boys who d-mn care cause its worth it/
scholars who ain’t all artsy fartsy superior/
but wanna transform the human heart’s interior/
the sharp tongue ep was like a mothman prophecy/
had to k!lled those tracks, before y’all got and saw all me/
so i solomon-ly, solidly, and solemnly/
swear/ the most high, is why i outta be here/
what you’ll audibly hear/ will be h-ll as funny/
cause i’ve seen demons, wack rappers look like teletubbies/

(verse 2)
don’t care about the money, that just hold me back/
i mean sh-t, slaughterhouse undersold tobymac/
don’t care about status, ‘yeah homie we major’ /
record execs saying ‘yeah homie we made ya’ /
i know how to pick a fight but i gotta learn/
what fights are worth fighting, what bridges not to burn/
my sisters in church/ fight to end patriarchy/
fed up with misogyny, ready to start beef/
keep my white ribbon/ cause these more than nice women/
breaking stereotypes/ cause they cherish those rights/
told police that you can’t blame the victim of rape/
whatever her clothes, race, name or signature traits/
to all those going through suicidal thoughts, i’ve
been there, please put them same scissors away/
life ain’t fair/ but you are young one so no matter what/
when we wrestle with god, jacob’s ladder will come/
oh they threw you a curve ball? well, all b-lls have curves/
so don’t be too surprised by life’s twists, falls, and turns/
a friend of mine said ‘god laughs at all of our plans’/
but thankfully, we’re all in the palm of his hands/

(verse 3)
god’s divine, god’s the vine, i’m just the shoot of the branch/
without wisdom’ whispers, i’d never execute, all my plans/
thank god for choosing to produce this fruit, who i am/
and for seeing truth, not a minute too soon to understand/
don’t know much about parliament, so sue me, riff-raff/
focus on the kingdom, not who pretend to rule me, get that? /
relic, troy k., ill seer, the new school, my main clan/
praying for honoring hip-hop honesty true, like amen/
god uses underdogs to put to shame the big dogs/
even though there are big odds/ cause he’s a big god/ no i’m not/
obama, not audacity of hope/ sorry nope/
this the audacity of dope/ living sainthood so/ that’s