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redemption draweth nigh - not my home (poetry) lyrics


[verse 1]
slap in my face
so tired of the waste
lost without a trace
as the days disappear
drowned in the waves
in the fog and the shame

[verse 2]
it cuts like a knife (like a knife)
the cruel edge of time
tripped up in the rhyme
as my days pass me by (pass me by)
i sigh and i wind
and i climb through my blindness

but my poetry is potent and my view un0bscured
i see the oceans and the seas
rise to reach the heavens
the hands mirеd and lured
they reach out to do harm to mе

[verse 3]
not my home
this world is a sh+ll
disguised with a veil
a living h+ll
the colors are pale
the colors
[verse 4]
are washed out
my mind is a blur
the voices stir me
to move, to stay still
to be quiet, to spill

[verse 5]
my words they lay
bleak on the page
a thief of the daylight
there’s no hope
i’m sorry you know
to be the one to reveal this to you
but it’s true

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