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rza – so high lyrics


(feat. timbo king)

[sampled woman singing “so high” in background
throughout whole track]

[intro: (rza)]
yeah son, 36 dirty
(smoked out.. oh.. smokin.. smokin)
oh, yeah man, it’s not a game son
yo ra man (smokin) yo ra man, bring it back
we gotta bring them ten of them, nahi’msayin?
and don’t forget that remy with the.. (smokin) that henny, knowimean?
and that big booty b-tches with it ripped off
with the jiggles on, knowi’msayin?
yeah bring some big women and smoke it
get high over here, knowi’msayin? (smokin)
straight like that baby
let them n-gg-z know what’s up ra

killa bee will sting, blitz from the sticky green
i had the chocolate thai mixed with the g-13
from the supercali-fragalistic twisted
throat dry as brownies, i had to sip a mystic
called up johnny blaze cuz i know he like to smoke
he said for migraine headaches weed be the anti-dote
brown bags got more seeds than a cantaloupe
northern lights have you runnin like wild antelopes
seen through a microscope, crystallized t.h.c.
i mix mine with the digi soaked in minty leaf
and i puff.. puff and i smoke the smoke
[coughs x3] ..but i didn’t choke

[timbo king]
blaze up, and let’s smoke ’til we hazed up
what you drinkin? lemonade or henny straight up?
super-high motherf-cker, n-gg-, wake up
and cop a bag of that good sh-t
eh-yo, dip that sh-t, n-gg-, one pull and p-ss
smoke ’til ya lungs collapse and hit ya -ss
‘dro, evergreen, ever seen seeds?
no, you never seen trees like these
budded, with the crystal studded
i’m blunted with the pistol, shut it
keep smokin.. {-inhales-} super-high n-gg-
i’m whino real, fifty sack of that good sh-t
from the hood sh-t
got the remy on my side ’til death do us
eyes low, breath smellin like hydro
i’m high yo, up in the tahoe b-mpin faith
keep gats like g’s son, just in case
blackjack las vegas, we puff god shivegas
high outta my mind, forgot what today is
it’s bo king blunted, chokin on the arizona
smoke scream effects, smell the green marijuana

[outro: (timbo king)]
so high girl, ohwee (uh, good sh-t, good sh-t)
so high, so high, uh
(we got yo nostrils flaired smokin on the chocolate)
ah.. killa bee drama.. look at the chick yo she high..
yeah.. i’m gettin all that baby
i’m only gon’ get ya high one time
seen? yeah, we gon’ get you high over here
nahi’msayin? mix some of this cognac
mix it back baby, get some realy tonic here
straight up g mackin up in here baby
black dust on the road with this.. flow
goin on and on, didn’t i try to tell ya?
yeah, straight up wu-tang baby
n-gg-, knowi’msayin? umm-hmm
this is what you need, i’m so high girl
i just wanna lay a little guerilla back on a sweetback baby
that’s what i’m tryin to tell ya, umm-hm