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sabbat – the dwelling – the melody of the death mask lyrics


“the forests create the black night,
the black nights create the darkness,
the darkness raises a red full moon,
the moon raises the ancient winds,
the ancient winds create the storms,
the storms create a grand silence,
the silence raises a golden shadow,
the shadow raises an eternal blood…”

the birth of unseen the evil

by doomstone on the unholy alter,
blessed by ancient evil,
taken out by zombies,
baptized by twisted sins:
l-stful shadows cross the pleasure,
from blood to blood,
marked a sign of the beast on my soul,
a soul of desecration:

darkness loves the ground,
clouds eat the storms,
night rapes the moonlight,
the fire bleeds crying of the beast…

… oh …pentagramized…
infernal harmony of the evilist is released…

“father came from beyond the dark and fallen to the
i was given a life from lucifather.
mother came from hole of the night and gone to the
i was born from hole of b-tch witch…
twisted l-stblood goes in my blood,
eternal gate of pandemonium will be opened by
so… by me…”

behold! golden mask’s singing,
the time as been stopped by him,
his eyes smile cold like hot ice,
so sweet, graceful, and uncanny:
behold! silver mask’s chant,
his playing like cold black sun,
your void will be filled by…
melodies of the unknown insanity:

but you can not hear ’em,
his hate, his pain, his sorrow,
but you can not feel ’em,
inside of the mask…

souls bleeding from eyes of death mask… victims…
souls of morbid suffering make up… ultimate

…evil evilist…

crucified by priests, thirteen witches,
witch’s bodies were burn off… to merciless death,
struggling death, so suffering,
burned out with this house on the green hill:
crucified by priests, thirteen witches,
witch’s faces were burn off… to merciless death,
people remaked its house on this desolate ground,
but this cursed house was partially destroyed by fire

my house, my hole, a den of profanities,
witch’s curse of thirteen,
it’s more hatefull than h-ll,
it’s a deeper than hate

one witch survived,
but burned her face was h-llish,
to hide hideous face,
she taked the death mask,
from beautiful woman,
digging some graves, cutting the necks of flesh corpse:

people had called “the church”… called “witchurch”…

setting thirteen candles on the circle of the spell,
receiving a spirit of witch,
graceful mask of witch,
my evil soul crosses the unblessed nature,
i love her on the bed of blazing pentagram:
my evil soul can touch only, pet witch spirit,
she looks for my sweet evil,
i get myself into delight,
oh for the greatest my art,
lights of thirteen candles dance in the pleasure for

drink up voice of love,
harmonies of l-stful love,
give me the melodies of illusion with your -rg-sms…

unbelievable blood dwells,
into my deathmask,
chorus of ruin,
in the bewitching hour…

more beautiful, under the spell,
more hateful, in the bewitching spell,
more sorrowful, with the possessed l-st,
more burnyful, in the frozen death…


he wanders to looking for beautiful games,
blackness to slave, looking for sacrifices,
fatal, deadly, ultimate that he needs,
dark beasts to slave, looking for sacrifices

bewitch to me like bled moon,
prey to the pentagram like 13 witches of the curse,
f-ckin’ writhing die! for exquisite your face,
the mysterious voices of screams from the secret
i cut away a head before the woman dies dead,
‘cos i want a woman’s face that is full of l-stful
‘cos i want a woman’s face that wishes for mercy,
and, of course, also a face that prime evil terror

grinding soul to the mask,
carving soul your dying,
grinding soul to the mask,
head to the guillotine!
his sound is more colder than wintermoon,
his p-ssion is more darker than winternight, winter
forests, winter mountains, winter moon, winter night…


doubtful shine the face of mask,
beautiful melodies out of mask,
devil revive at the mask,
written at mask “666”:
doubtful shine the back of mask,
hatefully art out of the face,
devil revive at the face,
written at the face “666”:

artistic, beautifully, cold hearted venomask!
harmonic, disorderly, maniac venomask!

mask demand the highest melody,
venom out of the mask,
doubtfully shining from venomask,
disorderly hunting the start again…

doubtfully shine the guillotine’s tooth,
it’s the highest musical instrument,
evilist plays griding harmony,
enjoy the highest art:

numberless collect doing,
evilist is satisfied,
but, as demand more than the art,
evilist felt question at his art…


i’ve taken the masks of many mortals for mine,
but not have enough “anything” that nothing is better
than this,
harmonies from the inferno,
melodies from h-ll to h-ll,
i’m a collector of death mask,
the greatest artist:
my sinful creation which is not created by god’s,
but sometimes you gaze into me, laughing into me,
harmonies from the inferno,
melodies from h-ll to h-ll,
but not have enough “anything” that nothing is better
than this:

tell me now! witches of burning hate,
the melody which is loved more in this world,
than mega-b-st–l life and brilliant death,
tell me know! witches of the curse…
dedicate my soul to the unknown beyond…
it’s a final the greatest soul,
full of dignity,
given by it’s death,
a soul which watched from h-ll to h-ll…

standing at the bl–dy underground,
i’ve drunk up the wine,
i play the piano to a man, to the dying,
purged guillotine’s smile at me,
it’s a final mind of nothingness i’ve sought,
p-ssion of nothingness,
nothing to fear,
the all begins and never ending forever…

…eternal melody to death mask of “i”…

…maskedeath of “i”.

“slaughter? m-ssacre? holocaust?
…death harmony sins… together?..
it’s coming with your dying souls…
death melody smiles… gather?..
all creatures into the unholy grave of… the
…the melody of death mask…”