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sdot gz – back to back lyrics


[intro: sdot gz]
suck my d+ck n+gga
every bno shot n+gga
like what?
grahh, grahh grahh
free jb, still gunnin’ for prada

[verse 1: sdot gz]
me and j we goin’ back to back (back to back)
smokin’ lisa, this sh+t got me smacked (lisa)
spin thru makkside tryna catch me a makk (makksidek)
if i spot me a milly, i’m leavin’ him flat (millsidek)
lgm, but you not gettin’ money (y’all broke)
n+ggas broke, this sh+t really funny (y’all broke)
libby gone, he went out like a dummy (libby)
catch cr7, it’s gonna get ugly (grahh)
houndin’ for prada and gunnin’ for kris (rip kris)
rv gon’ flock, he gon’ throw about six (rv)
i got a glock, but it don’t got a switch (grahh grahh boom)
lil libby, he restin’ in p+ss (libby)
edk we promotin’ the violence (edk)
free jb, he stuck on an island (free jb)
too many opp n+ggas dyin’
jq, woko, maxx, flyin’ (woko)

[verse 2: j rollaxk]
b+tch i’m deady smokin’ libby
n+gga got hit now we see him on telly
ayo brazy pass me the knock
we gon chase him and pop him like confetti
no fetti if i see him with his b+tch
then hе gettin’ laid out
if i hear he gunnin for lou
thеn i’m sending him the exact place where he at
when n+ggas caught up with dan
n+ggas gave him a fade, no cap
tell the opps that we playing ball
shoot up the party if i’m hearing woo (wooavek)
[verse 3: sdot gz & j rollaxk]
if we hear ’bout woo, we gon’ shoot up the party (wooavek)
n+ggas oppy, tryna sn+tch my carti’ (cartier)
me and dotty spot a opp get to cl!ckin’ see him drop
i be totin’ this pippen, smoke jamez he really be hittin’
mix lisa, with the lib (libby)
like we throw shot after shot on that strip
drill up the opps then we dip
dippy died he had me crackin’ i was laughin’ till i started crying
spun with 20, came back with like 7
put some n+ggas on channel 11
sdot, rv be the realest drillers on drill we fl!cked at a few ones
gpt what? them n+ggas shot smokin’ on kk got hit in his top
free jb, out the rock
i ain’t doin’ henny, b+tch i’m doin’ wock
sippin’ lean that sh+t got me fried
back to back k!llings we on hots see millys they get shot (baoww)

[outro: j rollaxk]
b+tch i’m deady smokin’ libby uhh
you know what the f+cks going on you heard
free jb, free rv, free da gang
bnu k
ayo sdotty pass me the wock
edk b+tch

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