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shalco – doomscroll lyrics


ayo, um, the person who, the person who wants to send this to you, wants you to know
fellas, is it g+y to look in the mirror?
i mean, you literally checking out a man’s body
nice, confident, even pace
tip number three, you gotta sit like an alpha

if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be
but you were everything anything ever meant to me (meant to me)
the right one wouldn’t slip away
but what if i wasn’t me?
what if i was everything you wanted?
everything i couldn’t be? (summertime)
my skin soaks up the sun
body like where my bestie at (where’s my baby?)
i’m wearing all black
i’m at the funeral you left me at
i’m sober now, honey
i feel everything we are now
and how bad i regret not feeling every moment that’s gone now
like, i’m grieving our future, baby
i can’t grieve the past, too (where’s my baby)
i know you’re closing up the bar right now it’s like past two
i ordered us pizza
i bought chili peppers to pass you
and i know you’re not coming over
at this point, i don’t even ask you
still check my phone, though
i hope they loved your playlist
hope they don’t shazam the song they ask you
i hope you didn’t give them no breakup music to dance to (summer time)
apple of my eye
on everything that i know
my little hamster
i can’t let you go

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