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sk3wpng – real ones* lyrics


loud in the wrongest
loud in the wrongest
been doing my wrongest, now i’m up

been loud in the wrongest, so i’m trying to do right
been loud in the wrongest, trying to feel truly ‘right
so i’ve focused on myself, trying to find my own light
before the darkness swarms in and take a wipe, uhm
and yet, they say that love is surely first sight
but that’s just a bunch of olden f+ckin’ lies
depending on your eyes, but got real ones on my side
yeah, so me and izoji ‘posted up in a ‘ghatti, trying to do right

[verse 1]
been up wit’ my speed like veyron, compare me to sonic
been in the bottom, so i wasn’t stingin’ others like h+rnets
but it happened to me and it was toxic
something like britney spears, that’s just me being honest
now a motherf+cker up, just drippin’ too hard



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