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skitso – on a mission lyrics


verse one :

im on a mission yea im on a mission/
on a mission to fulfil my mission/
just listen and pay attention /
i been at it for a minute been given to recognition/
been watchin from a distance and eyein my compet-tion/
and wheres the compet-tion?/
somewhere where they ain’t heard of this/
surrounded by them cameras /
i think i need some journalist/
what the purpose is for my to work and sh-t/
nice with the pen got words for this/
i made the rap/
made the beat/
watch how the n-gg- skits murder this/
so im swerving in and im swerving out/
headed to the top on the fastest route/
excuse me if im lashing out/
but im that n-gg- should be cashin out/
so im actin out till i get it/
bad -ss n-gg- never listen/
atleast that’s what my dad ill say/
but sh-t im on a mission/

chorus :

im on a mission/
yea im on a mission for you/
im on a mission/
the money yea im comin for you/
im on a mission/
yea im on a mission for you/
im on a mission/
so tell me what the f-ck you gon do/

verse 2 :

the money yea i’m a keep it stranded/
ridin wit my n-gg-s but imma flee like bandits/
kidnap the dough leave a quote for ransom/
plot of the mission tell me what the plan is/
can’t wait for the day when im at the hamptons/
eatin on some scamp and the finest salmon/
no more college days on the campus/
i was eatin good off that fake top ramen/
i need a money sandwhich/
money sandwish echo (2times)
hook :

so you can give it to me/
to me/
im lookin if you lookin for me/
for me/
me and money was meant to be/
to be/
i need you in my life to be free/

chorus :

verse three:

im on a mission, yea im on a mission/
on a mission to find that money cuz money is whats been missin/
how the h-ll can i go livin/
with nothing to get a pension/
or for me to pay a ticket or driver’s license suspension/
goin on without the dollas like bein outside of prision/
but imma get tha dolla or risk bein a f-ckin victim/
oops im mean a suspect/
cuz when its gun check im wit em/
ridin wit my dogs for the dolla holla and give em/