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skrip – castles in the sky lyrics



i know that you’ll hate me for this
but i know i cannot lie
so bow down to the one who owns the castles in the sky
oh in the sky

verse one:

y’all wanna know what this is? i bring the halo
see me now homie i lay low
they talking and talking but what do they know?
they scoping me out just like galileo
they wanna see me diminished and all alone
they wanna catch me quit it and be unknown
in your face they seeming to get along
behind your back they telling your story wrong
all i know is
i’m getting started though
everybody all up on my cell phone like
“what’s good bruh, you really gotta slow it down.”
they asking me to throw the towel in
me i’m ready for the match ready for the match
ready for the rounds what you know about that
you violent for the block i’m violent for the rock
what you know about strapped
air max blacks with the zara jeans
fila jersey feeling like i’m j-panese
you living in that fast life, bout to be a crash site
caught up in the vibe like a magazine
and i’m never forsaken so i’m always up in my zone (i’m up in my zone)
and i’m never gone fall cuz i’m keeping my eyes on the throne


verse two:

they told me not to k!ll it (you’re k!llin em kid)
they told me ain’t n0body gonna feel it (man, stop it)
now i’m on the tv 3d feelin’ like a new york minute
i’m still young but i’m feeling old
they say i won but i’m 2 and 0
i can’t help it but to break the mold
my soul is god’s so it’s never sold
now i’m rolling with the savages
i met the world don’t need to wonder
renegades is unanimous
so you can go and keep your drama
i’m coming from that chi going worldwide that life
opening the eyes of the blind like that light
we gone bring the truth to these streets like our last night
rolling with the captain so it’s time to get your facts right


now i know there’s something else you want from me
but i will not be what you tell me to be
you don’t know where i’m going
everyday i keep on growing
because of him i am set free