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smiles records - the guy lyrics


i’m growing into someone and i’m not sure who i’ll be
they say “be who you want to” but i’m not sure what that means
maybe that’ll make sense when i’m all grown up

maybe in a few years i’ll be singing along to a song
and i’ll come across a thought that i thought was long gone
“you’re growing up so quickly and you’ve been here a lot
but seize the moment, you really can’t be stopped
and remember who you’ve grown into is you”

and i’ll think “okay, maybe it’s all finally making sense”
the world’s decided who i’m gonna be
maybe that’s a bit controlling
maybe it just got the ball rolling
but hey, it did something right
it made me

dial on the payphone
call the spirits from above
i’m walking around on shaky ground
risking it all, am i gonna fall?
and they’ll say “that’s your anxiety
it can’t be stopped by us, but you can learn
how to be the guy that you grew in to”

does every person start as a blank canvas?
does every person that they meet make their mark?
i made marks on me
i’m cool in my own way, you’ll see
the boy i was is the guy that i grew in to
yeah, the guy that i grew in to

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