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smokingskul – do it lyrics


[?] switching up on 1vory for no reason, 1vory didn’t do nothing
i− (do it)
i−i love you

young n+gga, i step on pi (muscle man)
i done seen crips, turn skraight cdai
b+tch, i’m king von, and you ki (muscle man)
say+say you gone slide me, [?], do it (do it)
young n+gga, but i gone through it, what?
you gone flock? oh, lets do it
off the rock, i don’t true it (muscle man)
king julian, i move it move it
he a square, he a goofy goober (do it)
say he gone slide, you gotta prove it
soundcloud n+ggas not improving (muscle man)
i got 5g’s, b+tch, i’m t+mobile (do it)
you know i’ma shoot, n+gga, like a hobo (muscle man)
what? glock blow him for 550, n+gga, oboe (do it)
i can whip up that magic in the bowl+bowl
trap n+gga, i ain’t n0ble (muscle man)
these n+ggas not around like a twitter fleet (−young [?] is, why you playing that p+ssy ass [?] with me, b+tch, f+ck is you talking ’bout)
n+ggas ain’t on sh+t, [?] just tryna tweet (tahhhh, muscle man)
i’m outside like a simp, b+tch, i’m tryna creep
they gone have to change his diaper, that n+gga sh+t stank, on the street

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