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spider gang – baby pelican 3 (it’s ok baby pelican) lyrics


[intro: bruhmanegod]
you know i love you, you know i need you
everybody has problems sometimes, n0body’s perfect
can i forgive you, baby pelican?

[verse: bruhmanegod]
baby pelican just hit my line, he said: “what’s up?”
i got his text while i was sippin’ on a warm milk cup
he said: “i apologize for all the awful things i’ve done, and all the things i said”
and i said: “baby pelican, it’s alright, just gotta keep your head screwed on tight, the people that you love the most valuable thing you like, i ain’t gon’ lie, it hurt a little when you stuck that knife inside my back but you just a baby pelican, how could i stay mad?”
i love you, baby pelican

[verse 2: lil darkie]
yeah, i love you, baby pelican
when i’m wit’ baby pelican, i’m inside my element
baby pelican the nicest guy, he really heaven+sent
baby pelican picked me up when i had eleven cents
baby pelican helped me paint all the boards on my fence
baby pelican baptized my child in the name of jesus
me and baby pelican eatin’ crazy bread at little caesars

[bridge: lil darkie]
i love you, baby pelican
shoutout baby pelican, n+gga!

[verse 3: cxrpse]
yeah, baby pelican just hit my line, he wanted to know all the sh+t i was talkin’ about when i was online
i said: “yo’, pelican, it’s fine, don’t even let ’em talk sh+t to you, lil’ homie, you ain’t got sh+t to prove”
i know i act like a nincomp++p, i know i put rick owens over you
i would pull up to any show for you
if you had to go to any party, i swear to god, i would show for you
i know you try your hardest just to get them all to notice you
if i was a general in the military, bet i would be promotin’ you
[verse 4: blckk]
yeah, uh, me and baby pelican, chop it up, he is my friend
me and baby pelican, we put it out, work again
i forgive that pelican for all the crazy things he said
i overreacted, pelican, i’ll never trip again
yeah, it was all my fault
i should’ve let you walk, and now i feel so small without you
wrote two+hundred songs about you
you need anything, i got you
look at all that rick i bought you
and we chillin’, [?]

[verse 5: eddison]
baby pelican, it was beef, i was finna shoot yo’ ass
i swear, i was like: “b+tch, if you dare, i’ma send two shots, perfect pair”
but now, we cool, and you’re [?]
i can’t even be mad ’cause you was unaware
i remember it all, b+tch, i was there
i remember it all, baby pelican, i was there
i forgive you for smokin’ all my weed
i forgive you for sippin’ on my lean
i forgive you for everything, please
i forgive you for eatin’ all my cheese
that was some really expensive cheese
but, it’s cool ’cause i’m not even mad anymore
it’s baby pelican 3, not 4
you know i love you, you know i need you

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