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stuart davis – pipe bomb guru lyrics


i know that i’ll be famous when i kill the president
there’s gonna be blood on the white house lawn
nuts and bolts and dynamite
in a six inch steel tube packed so tight
it’s gonna be disguised as a chocolate cake
and sweets will be the president’s last mistake

i’ve been brooding, self-imploding
my leash just snapped,
it feels so good to be unloading

it’s not an idle threat, i’m gonna do it
i’m gonna build a pipe bomb,
i’m gonna follow through with
the death threat plans, and a social coup
and you won’t laugh when the dead guy is you,
will you mr. president?
it’s gonna come true – pipe bomb guru

i used to be a postman till i took some bad acid
and burned a horse’s head on the boss’ desk
they put me in a mental ward, five year sentence
workin’ in a bakery i plotted vengeance
i pulled a betty crocker on the nation’s chief
and this is one desert that’s gonna
wreck more than his teeth

i’ve been fuming – rage is boiling
the tether’s broke, man it’s great to be uncoiling


i’m gonna hit this country’s voters where they live
i’m gonna turn the president into a human sieve
pennsylvania avenue is really gonna shake
there’s an awful lot of bang
in my german chocolate cake

i’ll give history a sucker punch
then write a book about it and get paid to speak at brunches


a personal apocalypse – pipe bomb guru