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swish reezy – ever know (freestyle) lyrics


yeah, uh
ohhh sh+t
it’s reezy baby, uh, yeah, uh, yo

bring it back to them days of old
i rekindled the flame that burnt long ago
even with this heat i drop, this world stay so cold
i ain’t just warming up to it, i’m a fire, hoe
yelling “fire in the hole”, cause i exploded on the scene
just two years in, my career’s far from complete
i got hits boy, it’s magic how i do it with ease
even nas can crown my illness as king’s disease
i’m unbreakable, irreplaceable
even waiters can’t serve what i’m bringing to the table
if this string along lines, i cut thе cable to they fables
i’m ablе to k!ll any ho+rs+ rappers in my stable
i’ll lasso anyone off their high horse, this ain’t my first rodeo
n+ggas spurred by bull, if they think they can go toe to toe
crazy to think they used to call me the weirdo
i was a black sheep, but now i’m just a goat
i need a serial number, i’m straight k!lling this sh+t
got the ripper jealous, how i dismember beats off rip
my dawg said “cover your best sh+t, no need for distractions”
so i’m treating every day like it’s christmas eve, i’m f+cking rapping
i bounce back like hydraulics, but i ain’t lighting the chronic
but still got green like dre’s album in 2000
ones who doubted, astounded, and calling me
but the way i compound numbers and getting rings, i’m dialed in
hold the phone n+gga, cause i doubt you done heard this
the way i’m dropping bars, it’s no surprise they losing service
rappers stretching the truth, saying they got lots of goyards
it ain’t a reach to say my newest sh+t goes yards, i go hard
greek philosophers even have trouble describing him
i’m too epic, homer odd to see, how i’ll he is
they a ghost of they former selves, no way i’d be fidgeting
i got an old soul, but i’m young n+gga spirited
old heads say it’s evident that hip+hop’s dying
just peep the boy, i’m living proof that it’s thriving
i ain’t going anywhere, that’s fosho
i love this rap sh+t way more than you ever know
yeah, uh, you know that reezy back again
yeah, you know 890 back to win
yeah, you know lvrry got the mix
yeah, you know shep ain’t ever miss
yeah, you know 2024’s our year man, don’t get that sh+t twisted
more than you’ll ever know

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