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wiki & tony seltzer – bubba lyrics


[verse 1: wiki]
it was the first time you stayed the night
since we separated couldn’t take it light but finally felt the change was right
i was finally happy at that place and time
but i also realized that i couldn’t change what fate would write
realized that i still ain’t apologized for the games i played
the times i stayed out, while you stayed inside, but i felt a way
how you wouldn’t let me make it right, you just cut me off
went your way, can’t complain, it was my way of life, but i felt betrayed
i just had a couple more things to say, but it’s been a while
and as much as i say i’m ‘ight now
when you get that smile, there’s just something i can’t contain inside
put my pride away praying that she feel the same
i might not say it twice but some days feel like you saved my life
f+ck it i’ma say it twice; most days feel like you saved my life, changed it
i had to say it right, state it clear as day so you might stay up late at night
in a couple days and think back on the display i made
but for right now, you can stay, i’ma just trace your thighs
you lookin’ straight in my eyes, it’s ok, take your time

[chorus: wiki]
i know someday we gon’ make a life
i’ll be jose you’ll be holding baby christ
something holy ’bout the way you hold me tight
you know me, so you know exactly what i like
you know you my type
you know, i told you the moment i arrived
yeah i know you had to go for a minute, i get it
but you came back just in time

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