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system of a down – metro (demo) lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m alone, sitting with my broken glass
my four walls follow me through my past
i was on a paris train
i emerged in london rain
and you were waiting there
swimming through apologies

[chorus 1]
i remember searching for the perfect words
i was hoping you might change your mind
i remember a soldier standing next to me
riding on the metro
[verse 2]
i was smiling as you took my hand
saw the moon, we spoke at the time in france
you were passed the shallow words
years have passed and still the hurt
i can see it now, smiling as i pulled away

[chorus 2]
i remember the letter wrinkled in my hand
“i love you” always filled my eyes
i remember the night we walked along the seine
riding on the metro

[chorus 3]
i remember a feeling coming over me
then the soldier turned and walked away
f+ck you for loving me
riding on the metro