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$tarlight (@omgstarlight) - im da 1 lyrics



[verse 1]
ya hoe gettin’ touched, once she rock with the gang
she shouldn’t have been f+ckin’ with us
my weed be musty, n+n+++a my [?] busted
red bone look like mustard
ya hoe gettin’ cut, with shawty she rollin’ my blunts
i keep a stick in the trunk
yeah i’m the one, i tell ya lil b+tch i’m the one
now hoe says she think i’m the one
i’m one of one, n+++a i rock one of one
my b+tch always got in her [?]
[?] but i can still walk in the club
i’m finna sneak in my gun
yeah, i’m the [?], and i get high every day
when this sh+t stop getting fun?
she gеt on her knees, if i said i had a bad day
she puttin’ her hair in a bun

[verse 2]
will transcribe later

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