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telly grave – no remorse lyrics


catch me purping to the top
with my motherf+ckin moves
boy,you i can’t f+ck with you
motherf+ck your crew
i’m the one man gang
and n0body get my bag
k!ller of the mother+motherf+ckin
make him have a hotty tec

[telly grave verse]
catch me ridin’ in the cadillac
with my motherf+ckin’ mac
glock+19 with me
to just so you know i’m strap
i just popped a motherf+ckin
i don’t what to expect
murder+murder on my f+ckin mind
don’t tell me to relax
my dawg stay
talkin all these b+tches keep flooding
b+tch, my glock is always on me
popped a [?] if you funny
motherf+ckin hoe, stayin’ lone in this world
get the dough, f+ck these hoes
nevеr ever show ’em lovе cause they every b+tch
is a snake and this place full of face
b+tch, it ain’t no f+ckin fairy tale
it’s a f+ckin open grave
spice gettin donkey
b+tch,my money gettin’ largin
i’m feelin’ no remorse
k!llin’ all these stupid [?]