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the eleventh letter – ask about me lyrics



[verse 1]
who the f-ck is ridin d-ck, while they runnin’ they mouth
takin shots out the gl-ss, mozzle’toff in your house
i’m talkin’, rollin’ deep if you takin my funds
i get heavy when you sketchy roll in black and they run
of course i sell drugs, b-tch my music is crack
a little coca mixed with oprah, overdose and that’s that
i just, elevate the heart, kick start in your veins
turn your brain into mush, then evolve it to change
i mean, you think you talkin’ shit but you playin’ yourself
i got mad witness that portray what we dealt
i done, grew up from the bottom, from the streets seeking birds
then due up and i got em, flip and let em serve
i just knew it since day one, i’d k!ll and em ride
you say you tsunami, i’m just brushin’ off the tide
your literally so b-tch to me, if hip hop is dead
then i guess i’m seeing ghosts since i’m back off my meds

[verse 2]
i said, play me if you hate me and keep showin’ your friends
talkin’ how my bars are trash and i’m weak with a pen
you think it matters what jew-wish, what these bar mits fa?
i just happen to do what you can’t do bruh
i’m sicker than your method when testin’ a violent weapon
etchin’ names into the session x’n out those contestants
till the teflon in their vests is ventin’ out all their appendage
bent in half with no expression, but the look of their resentment
i said, who dat, who dat, just move back, move back
i can say this type of shit cause i don’t give a fack!!
with a tip of my hat, i just jump in my whip
forcin’ immolation into lamens sayin they lit
i take, full responsibility, of people talkin’ shit bout me
cause i just play the villain till marvel bout my mystery
cause i ain’t hidin’ nothing, i put it right on the line
like the dolla dolla bill you use to snort from my grind

[verse 3]
i said who dat who dat, let them move back move back
first they threaten on my life then say screw dat screw dat
cause y’all be punks and pussies, wussies outin’ on bail
till your dad be sick of payin’ so he keeps you in jail
i just, find it f-ckin funny that your life is so fail
that your hype was overnight until they found you so frail
like how smokin’ meth talkin’ hard from key-board
startin’ all this beef when i know you can’t eat-more
homie suck a d-ck, that’s 3 folk with one bar
i’m the needle on your nerves, while your swingin’ ain’t on par
of course i’m unique, styles built just like an architect
i’ll feed you heavy metal cause the bars i spit are -rs-nic
you sleepin’ like a narcoleptic, i’ll guy fawkes mask you
tell you stay woke till the government attack you!
this ain’t b.o.b, i ain’t flyin’ paper planes
this is gorge bush homie, they’d just burn under my rain, oil