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the luka state – more than this lyrics


when i’m up in court
and they read my name out
when i’m crying out all of my tears
with no pennies to spend
i’m late on the rent now
and my kids go hungry
for the 3rd time this week
and i can’t deny that
the system keeps failing me
over again over and over again
she said
and i’m down on my knees
and i’m waiting for
i’m down on my knees
and i’m waiting for something to come that’s
more than this
more than this
for the broken hearted
from a broken home
let down on the breadline
and this ain’t the first time
that my kids go hungry
did i mention that?
the estate seems ugly
you may think i’m a junkie
i need to be able to put food on the table
working two jobs a week
just to keep paying my way
tick tack time is money right
take take what you really want
but why am i here
i’m still stuck here
what are you protecting now
i don’t give a care about you for sure
i know you
wanna be true
i wanna let go
feeling nothing is the worst
but if you could be a little better
it’s a choice, the fine way
do you really need this
the pride that makes yourself
unreal and not open
you should know it by now
not in the end
i wanna let go