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the victim of… – too many zombies in huntington beach lyrics


so when the sun sets, we stood aware to watch the dead awake
we felt the air. cold, bitterly piercing lives it soon would take
all unaware, those dismal signs of ill regret
how to compare, the birth of superst-tion’s end

when you awake, you’ll long for the life of inane innocence
we’ll say goodbye. just worry about yourself until you’re spent
swarming around. abundant, they will not stop here
making a sound, will surely sentence you to death

destruction of
a subtle reanimation of death in its unaltered state
this blade cuts through the flesh

it’s been too long
for tragic faults that they fed us, abide and conform, try to hide
hope for what won’t be there

we will deny
the empty lie that you swear to, confined by obscenity’s dream
wake up and see the end