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the wav3 – lay down [extended version] lyrics


chorus 1: [you gone lay down slow] ×2

verse 1: “yea, 40 deep on my ppl you know whats laced on my conscience this my eazy flow meets death row mc new york and mrs . davis, now they really think argue weather we are stripped and left to starve its only like a few us update just one though short of our rightful place all this frustration just to make it in a place with a trace of really who made it same sh-t just a different day they took away the chains for another way but keep your head up a young god yea i can hear the people calling. young melinated king i dream beyond the martins spark sh-t garunteed to make you bleed slow speed when them cowereds come for me what they want is a similar sight to see stay steamed real close to my inner king believe keep playing you gone laydown slow ”

chorus 2: [you gone lay down slow] ×2

verse 2: “you can’t separate peace from freedom because no man can be at peace unless he has his freedom” – malcolm little

yea, until we seek to see a togetherness one for we divided we shall be nothing short of defete wav 3