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tiacorine – dipset lyrics


[verse 1]
if you had yo’ way
you would keep me at my f+ckin’ worst
how the f+ck you tell me all that sh+t you did?
that really hurt
used to use my card to pay for sh+t
so you looked really turnt (yeah)
you was jus’ usin’ me
but it ain’t no raw, b+tch, i should really curb
you f+ckin’ work
complaining, not payin’ for sh+t
you petty lil’ b+tch, gettin’ on my f+ckin’ nerves
tossed to the curb
you makin’ me mad and i’m drivin’ real fast
and that p+ssy gon’ never learn

[verse 2]
he need a perm, straighten it out
been talkin’ the money
it counts in amounts (boom, boom)
i’ma call ’bout that sh+t then forget it, ah (huh?)
i’ma talk all that sh+t ’cause that’s what i’m ’bout (huh?)
i’ma f+ck from the bed to the floor to the couch
she say “love that you give me the same i give out”
you know, n+ggas gon’ say i taste bad in they mouth
when they east to the north to the west to the south
you don’t know me, lil’ baby
you know what i’m ’bout
my scope in yo’ mini
but, f+ck is a stout?
plenty fish in the sea
all you catchin’ is trout
ain’t no beefin’ wit’ b+tches who p+ssy on drought

[verse 3]
he be drillin’ this p+ssy, he duggin’ me out
i mean diggin’, no, wiggin’, that d+ck get a house
said incision, envision, i’m mappin’ it out
some hoes in this house and i’m bringin’ ’em out
said “i could’ve,” that b+tch got me lookin’, like, “how?”
you ain’t startin’ no sh+t that we started tonight
you know i need a bat, no, i need it right now
you might keep it a buck but i keep it a dub
said the p+ssy wanna talk, hit her face, like, “wow”
and that p+ssy so good, he said he had to bow
ain’t no waitin’ for later, they hearin’ me now
i thought sh+t was forever, told that n+gga “ciao”
and my city been bankin’ on me, when they
“tia, keep goin’, you makin’ it out
and i love how you reppin’ tre 4,” everything that i know
can’t forget that i’m straight from the south
you get more money than respect i get
but you won’t catch me ’cause i don’t hate my style (nope)
i be a boss ass b+tch than a stank lil’ hoe
‘fore i dead a n+gga out like a child
i just start dealin’ wit’ sh+t that i did
i just started from bottom, that sh+t really wild
i play my daughter my music, she lose it
i be here little penny, i’m makin’ her proud



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