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tim & billy - world today lyrics


world today
this is the world today, full of jealousy and hate
i believe it’s gone insane
sisters and brothers, who turn upon the other
sell their souls for moments of fame, morals are de+arranged
whats wrong they make believe is right, truth is kept just out of sight
lies and deception are the way
dusty bibles on the shelves they lay, the word of god is lost today
it’s time to take a breath and turn the page, kneel to the lord and pray
they try to blur the gender lines, say that god is wrong this time
i believe they’ve lost their minds
in a subway if you save some lives, you’re put in jail and ostracized
called a racist and a bigot too, gone is the golden rule
in classrooms teaching crt, tell your child what s+x to be
cancel cultures is a travesty
christianity is vilified, criminals are glorified
we can’t close our eyes and be deceived, by all this absurdity
jesus, please hear our plea, this world is in desperate need
destruction is the path we lay
bring us to our faith again, whisper unto ill winds
calm the stormy seas and then
lay your hand upon our hearts, part the darkened veil and start
to save us from this tempest made by men
help us to understand, we must love our fellow man
counselor on you we depend, and your name may we praise again

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