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tragedy andy – timelines in ashes: chapter three lyrics


the damage is done, killed our charade. set fire to
bridges we make.inaudible, the silent scream. torture in
the place of a dream.
they were a city in disguise. looking through
plagiaristic eyes.
breathe hollow words into the night. ‘h-llo’ this is
the battle was lost, took by surprise. darkness to cradle
in new life.
the noose is fit, the rope is frayed. think of the
reflections we once made.
the mirror now, in pieces lays. this unmarked status we

far p-ssed the point of no return. and now what have we
we’re still giving you one last chance to give up your
my mind has been made up. it seems that your best isn’t
good enough.
and all it took to save
etched a celestial imprint on my timeline.
affairs set apart my trust in lies. the ashes of our past
a note to all whom it concerns: stand up as we watch our
fires burn.
consider this our final cry
my effigy always facing the satellites i’ve been chasing.