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troub nasty – i keep trying lyrics


[verse 1]
i feel my life is like a movie
i’m spittin’ this for the soundtrack
you stereotype me
because you think you got me down pegged
when you ain’t even got a clue
where i been to or been through
maybe you just rather pretend to
live a life of hard ship
families in apartments
couldn’t afford a bed
so f-ck it let’s hit the carpet
i remember momma used to be in the kitchen
ramen on the stove
but my poppa was missin’
in compton
probably up at a crack house
he’s cracked out
probably out doing smack now
it’s all bad
but hey life is a b-tch
i wanna hate
but aye its what it is
so many times i sat wondering why?
so many times i sat wanted to cry
why the f-ck its got to be like this huh?
and why the f-ck we couldn’t be all rich

i struggled my whole life
but i ain’t crying
i hustle to get by
and i ain’t lying
still hoping to get mine
and i keep trying
sh-t.. & only god knows why

[verse 2]
my situation so secretive
never knowing what lisa did
missed placed my trust
she didn’t break it but weakend it
see understand
role models i never had
i have a dad
but the face of another man
but now i know
when i was always the black sheep
the bad seed
momma why did you have me?
its like a bad dream
lingers & taunting
the feelings haunting
you wonder why i’m awnry
i’m like a zombie
dazed in my own world
i’m like my own dad now
i got my own girls
so dang nab it
the past you can have it
i’m moving onward
regrets a bad habit
so i don’t look back
or dwell on the past tense
i’m looking past it
i’m being p-ssive
i need a preacher
to preach me a p-ssage
but life goes on
and time keeps p-ssin’

[chorus] (x2)