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txtsu - interview with lyrics


krushclubtv: what is your artist name and what’s the meaning/origin behind it?

txtsu: so my artist name is “txtsu”. i got this name because back when i was 15, i was sent to a bunch of troubled teens and rehab programs. while i was there, the only entertainment we had was tv, so i got super into anime. i was intrigued with the stories, so i figured i’d try to write my own kind of comic thing while i was there. my main character’s name was “tetsu” and i took that name and replaced the ‘e’ with an ‘x’ for my artist name

krushclubtv: what inspired you to make music? is therе anyone (underground/mainstream) who contributеd to this?

txtsu: definitely. while i was away from home at one of the programs, i would sneak onto youtube on the school computers and i discovered biteki collective, which is basically a bunch of sad artists that i could really relate to at the time. the biggest one definitely being trencher boy

krushclubtv: what is your favorite thing about making music?

txtsu: i do love the feeling of accomplishment i get after creating a song, but more than anything, i love making new connections and interacting with so many new people and fans

krushclubtv: what kind of struggles, for you personally, come with making music? how do you overcome that?

txtsu: something i’ve noticed is i get burned out and overwhelmed quickly. so, whenever i’m starting to feel that way, i tend to completely take a break from all things music and i’ll go out for a few nights to kind of recoup

krushclubtv: who are some artists you’d like to work with in the future?

txtsu: honestly, i’ve collabed with almost everyone i’ve wanted to at this point. i think i’ll be taking a break from collabs because i want to build a name for myself rather than doing it through other people and their fanbases. i’ll definitely do features for other people who want me on their song though!

krushclubtv: which song or collab of yours was the most challenging for you to complete? which was the most exciting?

txtsu: the most challenging collab for me to complete was probably “i cnt save you.” it’s super different from my normal sound and i had some trouble with the beat. i think i was most excited for “tonight” with rukasu and d3r, just because at the time d3r wasn’t collabing with many underground people and he’s someone in the community i’m genuinely a fan of

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